Aurora Tsuki

The New Sun

Member of the Founding Circle of the Aetherwatch Society
Speaks softly, filled with determination

Mateus Server


Name: Aurora, sometimes nickname Saph/Saphy
Pronouns: She/They
Occupation: Founding Circle of the Aetherwatch Society
Residence: The Moonlit Observatory
Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Scars or Distinguishing Marks: Left eye is marked by a golden limbal ring, and a number of battleworn scars.

Aurora Tsuki is a raen in their mid-twenties. Until recently, she had been unaware of her origins after having her memories locked away.

With memories returned, they are still trying to find themselves as she works through the 20-odd years of her past flooding back, after just about 5 years of no recollection.

As a founding member of the Aetherwatch Society, a group dedicated to providing aid, protecting, and advocating for those who have been affected by the darkness in this star, she is the Voice of the Tribes and works as an emissary between the Society and the Beast Tribes across Eorzea, and beyond.

With all things, the Aurora is not all she seems... She has her own strange things going on.


  • Punching Astrologian - Recently returned memories have unlocked she was once an Astrologian. Working off a learning curve, she is is trying to blend her punchy-pugilist combat style with her star magicks.

  • Beast Tribes - Aurora is an honorary member of the Sylphs, Gridanian Ixali, Amal'jaa and Vath tribes. She has dealings with all the Tribes as the emissary of the Aetherwatch, but can often be found with these tribes.

  • Linguist - Can speak old Garlean, Hingan/Doman, and knows Eorzean Sign Language.

  • Ex-Garlean Conscript - Before her memories were lost, Aurora's name was Sute quo Perditas (hingan alias: Uranaishi no Hikari). A tactical unit leader in the Garlean army, she read the Stars in the name of the Empire to gain advantages on their enemies.

  • (Garlean's/Ex-Garleans that served in Doman, or those oppressed by Garlemald in Othard/Those that fought for the freedom of Doma may just recognize this soldier - though her appearance has greatly changed)


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